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Just a few years ago, I was stuck on the entrepreneurial "hamster wheel" building a business I hated, 
which enabled me to buy things I didn't need, to impress people I didn't even like. I was "successful"on
the outside, but the heaviness of that success left me yearning for the lightness of being a beginner again.

That business made 
me "burn the boats" in search of something different... something fulfilling. I didn't
know what 
this would be at the time, but by the end of our first event in May of 2013, I knew I had found it.

Entrepreneurs may come to our events for content - but they leave with something far more valuable... community. Entrepreneurship can be very isolating at times, and it's hard to find like minded individuals. Over the last few years I've spent my time carefully curating an incredible network of entrepreneurs without using rational benchmarks such as their type of business, or revenues. Instead, I curate based upon who they are and what they stand for. Just like an investor investing in a businesses, I invest in people, because I believe that amazing people become increasingly amazing over time.

I dedicate my life to supporting and serving a small group of individuals. These people value legacy over currency. They know that good is the enemy of great, and are never satisfied with what is considered "good" in any area of their life.
They are not afraid to sacrifice who they are for who they want to become.

These are the people I'm committed to - Is that you?

Integrity, vulnerability and authenticity 
are expensive gifts...
Don't expect them from cheap people.

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